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Welcome to the new look SL Website - rather similar to the old SL Website but with a few improvements. Were we web designers by trade we'd probably call it the slrecordswebsite2.0beta or something. Hopefully it's easier to use, clearer, quicker for us to update and has LOADS of downloads - many of them free. But rest assured it'll still have the same great spelling mistakes, poor puncuiation and dead links. Over the next few weeks months we should have all the SL back catalogue uploaded and available as high quality MP3s, WAVS or whatever takes your fancy. If there's something you're desperate to download and it's not up yet, and you can't find it on your current favourite peer to peer network, drop us an email and we'll get it encoded post-haste.

First time here? Try Withered Hand, the Lynchian Thomas Truax, the new rock opera from Paul Vickers & The Leg, 8-bit enfant terrible Enfant Bastard or our own "ich bein ein berliner" Wowl! for starters. Plus there's a free sl record sampler you can download over there.

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Paul Vickers

Paul Vickers

We've a new page that brings together all the activties of workaholic genius Paul Vickers. As well as links to his work with Dawn of the Replicants and The Leg it also linsk to his variuous spoken word projects - Recording The Impossibel, Fuckin Storys and his new album Oom Pah!. Epic anti-stadium rock anthem Hot Beryl is taken as a single and features dirty remix by Mr Clutch Daisty. As if this weren't enough he's also performing at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his show Twonkey's Castle. The man never stops!

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Download Hot Breyl

Download Oom Pah!

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Makin Moonshine

Makin Moonshine cover image

Louis 'Moondog' Hardin was an American composer, musician, poet, philosopher and the Viking of 6th Avenue. Since Pete from the Leg lent me some of music several years ago I've been a huge fan and over the past two years we've been inviting some of our favourite musicians to record there own versions of Moondog's compositions.

Over the next 12 months we'll be releasing these tracks. This months batch features Lords of Bastard, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Luc Paradis and Rashomon

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Download Here

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Thomas Truax

Egg Race cover image

Here's a new track from Thomas Truax - called the January Egg Race Dream it's part of his latest project to release a new, seasonal, track each month.

In his own words: The Monthly Journal will be a living, mutating organism taking place in twelve intervals over 2011. Tracks will be informed by any number of things: the vibe, feeling, texture, atmosphere of the changing seasons, the expanding and contracting lengths of days and nights, weather, news, dreams, personal or world events as they unfold. I'll respond to these with a piece that will be created, produced and released within the window of each month.

Follow it all at Thomas' new blog

January Egg Race Dream by Thomas Truax

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Paul Vickers

Fucking Stories Cover

After Paul Vickers' sucessful fringe show we're please to annouce the release of his new album "Fucking Stories" to the world at large. Full preview/download/cd from here . Thenext installment will beoutlater in 2011 and Paul has already been booked into this years Edinburgh Fringe.More details soon.

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Enfant Bastard

Master Dude Cover

Enfant Bastards new mini-album is now out. Preview and buy the whole thing here

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Enfant Bastard, Kylie Minoise, The Leg, Wounded Knee and Bit Face

Enfant Bastard plus Special Guests Kylie Minoise, Wounded Knee and Bit Face Saturday 2nd October 7:30pm £5 on the door. more info

Sadly Kylie Minoise has had to cancel his appearance with Enfant Bastard - luckily the mighty The Leg have stepped in

Life is but a dream

two thirds of The Leg are sent down the river

watch it here

For The Maudlin

A new ZX Spectrum inspired video from Enfant Bastard

Watch ithere

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Live on Marc Riley

Withered Hand recorded a great session for the Marc Riley Show on BBC 6music

You can listen to the whole show on the BBC Website or download the session from Peeko's blog

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Homecooking's killing....

Home cooking is killing the restaurant industry

<a href="">Home Taping's Killing Music by Misty's Big Adventure</a> Misty's Big Adventure - Hometapings Killing Music

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Retreat! doune the Rabbit Hole

A couple of truly DIY festivals are coming up over the next few weeks so we'd thought flag up a couple of them (that a variety of SL acts are appearing at). Firstly Doune The Rabbit Hole Festval being held at the delightful Doune Castle in central Scotland (which many of you will recognise from Monty Python's Holy Grail), which comes with it's own stop motion promotional video (here)

RETREAT! errr returns to Edinburgh for this years festival - over not one but two days at Pilrig Church in Leith. The 28th and 29th August sees a slew of great music (The Leg, Withered Hand, Benni Hemm Hemm, Wounded Knee, eagleowl, Meursault....basically anyone who's any good in Edinburgh) art and food.

Fellow Fifer's FENCE records as well as their Homegame and Awaygame festivals are this year also organising another week of live gigs in Anstruther. Haarfest takes place 16th - 21st August and see's Withered Hand, eagleowl and Meursault appear along side Fence acts

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Twonkeys Cottage

The Edinburgh festival approaches and this year Mr Vickers (perhaps best know as frontman with lovable gonk rockers Dawn of the Replicants) is stretching his comedy wings and performing 18 shows at this years comedy festival. not only is his show on at a festival friendly time of 12:10 in the afternoon but it's FREE. So you've no excuse.

Accompaning his show is a limited edition album of...err....fucking storys....

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Sonic Dreamer

Thomas Truax' wonderful new album Sonic Dreamer hits the store this week

DiS says the album takes the best elements of anti-folk and combines them with his own lyrical dexterity and wonky outlook on life and Morning Star descibes Truax as one of the great rock eccentrics. Genius says The List whilst The Skinny loves The most deranged moments the best....opener Beehive Heart clicks and shudders as Truax laments his shoes’ vulnerability to coming untied despite no movement on his part.

That not enought to convince you? Have a listen....

<a href="">Beehive Heart by Thomas Truax</a> Sonic Dreamer - Thomas Truax

Buy CD

Download Now

More Info

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<a href="">Wowl! - The Black Ark by SL Records</a>

New Releases

  • Hot Beryl cover

    Paul Vickers and The Vicarage vs Clutch Daisy

    Hot Beryl


    Download Now More Info


    1. 1 - Hot Beryl
    2. 2 - Hot Beryl (Hot Flush Remix)
    3. 3 - Hot Beryl (Hot Flush Instrumental)
  • Makin Moonshine EP Four cover

    Various Artists

    Makin Moonshine EP FOUR


    Download Now More Info


    1. 1 - Lords of Bastard - Chant
    2. 2 - The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Bird's Lament
    3. 3 - Luc Paradis - All Is Lonliness
    4. 4 - Rashomon - Caribea
  • SL Logo

    Various Artists

    SL Records Singles Club


    Download Now More Info


    1. 1 - Vatican Shotgun Scare - Why Don't You?
    2. 2 - s/e/l/l/o/t/a/p/e - Plastic Bag
    3. 3 - New Bad Things - I Suck
    4. 4 - Dufus - Zaftalong Gubi Guby
    5. 5 - Whisky Galore - If Hope Is All You've Got
    6. 6 - Yossarian - My Shy Boy Saint
    7. 7 - I Am Scientist - Cancer Stick
    8. 8 - Cruiser - it's all good baby (the Magnificents remix)
    9. 9 - Sputniks Down - MM
    10. 10 - Poles Apart - Fierce the Fallow Foe
    11. 11 - Schwervon! - Death Of My Enemies
    12. 12 - Schwervon! - Pretty Slow
  • Sonic Dreamer cover

    Thomas Truax

    Sonic Dreamer


    Buy CD Download Now More Info

    Amid the gleeful sonic invention it's easy to miss how good his songwriting can be.....Truax is shaping up nicely as one of the great rock eccentrics. Morning Star


    1. 1 - Beehive Heart
    2. 2 - It's All Happening Now
    3. 3 - It Always Rains on Sundays
    4. 4 - What's The Matter With My Grey Matter
    5. 5 - The Cannibals Have Been Captured Our Nicole Kidman
    6. 6 - Around The World With The Sexy Sigh
    7. 7 - Balancing On A Bouncing Wire
    8. 8 - Ode To the Olde Elderberry
    9. 9 - Post Post Post Modern
    10. 10 - Sonic Dreamer
    11. 11 - Lonely Taxi


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