Saint Jude's Infirmary

Saint Judes Infirmary

Risen from the ashes of an under-fourteen football team. SAINT JUDE'S INFIRMARY were formed in Kirkcaldy, Fife in the mid-nineties based around the song-writing of twins Ashley and Grant Campbell and the velvet voice of their cousin Emma-Jane. Early reviews compared their embryonic sound to a first untrammeled howls of the Velvet Underground mixed with a primal sixties girl-group beat - a comparison that neither time nor wisdom has shaken.


The band moved to Edinburgh sharing stages with local luminaries such as BALLBOY and NME favourites KHAYA before releasing their debut single 'HOME-MADE CHRISTMAS CARD' on the PARIS FRANCE label. This dark, acerbic repose to the traditional Christmas single was described as "TRULY SPINE-TINGLING DREAM POP" and "STAR-CROSSED MIX OF BLONDIE AND LEONARD COHEN!" by the scottish music press and went into a second pressing after regular exposure on BBC RADIO SCOTLAND.


Various drummer departures and the brief emigration of Ashley to rebel country capital Austin, Texas, led to the band splitting. This move did however inspire Ashley and Grant to re-emerge in Amsterdam, Holland, with the critically acclaimed loud country shock troops of SACRED HEART LOSERS. Variously described as "FUNEREAL TROUBADOURS" and "LOUVIN BROTHERS BREEDING WITH THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN. AN IMMACULATE CONCEPT" playing support slots to the likes of THE HANDSOME FAMILY and LIFT TO EXPERIENCE.


However, earlier this year, the band heard the call again and returned, like weary Samurai massed ranks, to once more lay assault to the stale laddish inertia of the Scottish music scene. Recruiting ex-SACRED HEART LOSERS, Mark Francis on drums and Andrew Dempster on keyboard, the band have blazed a trail through Edinburgh's live music scene and recorded a set of new songs matching their poetic poise to a new fuzzy and melodic post punk sound-scape. These new songs are a continuation of the sound and vision that the band have sheltered since children and with them the band have been described as "POSSIBLY THE BAND THAT ARE TURNING ME ON THE MOST JUST NOW" and "SIMPLY STUNNING, THE BAND TO WATCH FOR THIS YEAR" by Beat 106 DJ Jim Gellatly. This growing momentum has culminated in SAINT JUDES INFIRMARY recently being hailed as "A GORGEOUSLY LETHARGIC WISP OF VELVET UNDERGROUND/MAZZY STAR MELANCHOLY, THESE EDINBURGH DREAMERS ARE WHAT RAINY DAYS RAIN FOR. FRONTED BY A SWEETLY COOING DEBBIE HARRY LOOKALIKE, THEY'VE ONLY BEEN TOGETHER FOR A FEW MONTHS BUT THEIR TALENT RIVALS THAT OF BANDS WITH CAREERS A DOZEN TIMES AS LONG" in Paul Whitelaw's SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY front page expose on the top twenty bands in Scotland.

Last updated in June 2005.

Footnote : St Jude's went on to release the highly acclaimed debut album 'Happy Healthy Lucky Month' on Edinburgh's SL Records. They're currently working on the follow up album, rumoured to feature guests appearance from fellow fifers Ian Rankin and Jack Vettriano September 2008